Inspired by my love of split-flap displays (fond mems of Trenton’s NJ Transit station), fueled by my desire to make any sense of recent CSS.

Built with React (including a hook or two) and styled-components, in rudimentary typescript.


A minimal-ish chrome extension for new tabs with a persisted todo list, a rich text editor, and an opt-in google calendar day view. The calendar view is not very readable but that’s okay; I just need context for the meeting I’m about to go to (am already in?) and maybe a handy meets link.

Built with Vue using localStorage for dev and chrome storage in the browser, in rudimentary typescript.


A spiritual continuation of React-Split-Flap-Display. I bought a Vestaboard, and then spent a few days gluing together some cheap GCP resources to mostly-automate a week-daily display schedule, plus a little webapp so I could adjust some knobs on-the-fly. This gave me a lot of opinions on Bay Area Transit API offerings.